Sill Plates
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Sill Plates

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3G is offering another way to dress up your vehicle with our custom “Sill Plates”. You’re currently using our custom Car Show Door, Hood and Trunk Props so wouldn’t be nice to add a touch of class to the opened door sill with your own uniquely designed sill plate.

Our sill plates are not model specific and are based on size only. Measure the length and width of your sill area and choose the size that best fits your specific application.

Choose sill plates for the front door, the rear door or both. There are 2 plates that comprise the door sill. They are both CNC cut mill finish aluminum. Once adhered together it has a thickness of 1/8". The lettering is about 1” tall. Each plate is finished with a brushed aluminum look. Additional sizes are available when you make your selection.

Both front and rear plates are sold in pairs. You can select with the options tab your choice for front doors or rear doors or both.

Click HERE to view the "Product Description" page.

You will also have a choice of 3 different sizes:

Front Door Plates
1-1/2” x 18”
2” x 20”
2-1/2” x 24”

Rear Door Plates
1-1/2” x 8”
2” x 10”
2” x 16”

Note: If you do not see your specific size contact us by clicking HERE with your requirements and we will be pleased to give you a quote.

We are currently offering your choice of 5 different font styles. You can see samples of these styles in the pictures below.

The front door plates will be limited to a maximum of 10 characters (spaces count) and a max of 6 characters for the rear door plates. Please ensure your words are all capital letters. We will not be able to complete any requests that have lower case letters.
Note: Some fonts and spacing may need to be adjusted to ensure your selected verbiage cuts and fits correctly.
Note: If you are only choosing just the front or rear door sill plates then enter "none" in the comment box marked "Type Your Front/Rear Door Sill Plate Cut-Out Here" for the characters in the one that you did not choose.

Assembly and finishing is fairly easy. There are two options one could use.

1. Your design will be completely cut through one of the metal plates. This plate can be painted, dipped, polished or covered in vinyl. I do suggest some sort of clear coat applied if you wish to keep the brushed finish. The aluminum will oxidize over time if left unfinished.

If you want you body color to show through your design then you would simply apply the double-sided 3M tape (3g supplied) to the plate in blank areas, center the plate and push down. Very simple and very easy. Please keep in mind this is some tough 3M tape. If it goes on crooked, that plate might not come off so easy and could possibly be bent or damaged if you do try to remove it.

As far as the supplied backing plate and epoxy, simply discard those, as you will not need them for this method.

2. This method would be used if you want an accent color to show through your cutout design. Very similar to step one, but there are a few additional steps.

After finishing the plate with the cutout. You will have a blank plate left over. This will also need to be painted, polished, cleared, dipped or wrapped. Once that is complete strip and clean a few areas on the top of the plate and also the bottom of the cutout plate. Use the supplied two-part epoxy and attach the two plates. Line them up and use pressure (a book, etc) to keep them together. Please be careful doing this once the epoxy sets it doesn't come apart so it's important to ensure there is no excess epoxy leaking out or the plates are not lined up.

Then use the supplied 3M tape to adhere the bottom of the backer plate to the car.