Corvette Car Show Door, Hood and Hatch Props
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Corvette Car Show Door, Hood and Hatch Props

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Car Show Door, Hood and Hatch Props for Corvette

Have you ever wanted to prop your doors open but wanted to prevent kids and people from getting inside? Well we have the answer for you.

Our doors props actually “Click” into the lock mechanism to prevent someone from easily opening your door. By locking in place it also keeps wind from catching your doors and slamming it shut or blowing it wide open.

Each prop is made from 1/8" mill finished aluminum and have a sanded finish. You can polish or paint these with very little prep work.

You also have cut out choices as well. To see our "Standard", "Custom" and "Car Club" cutouts Click HERE to see your choices.

Props for the front doors are sold in pairs.

You can select in the options tab your choice for props whether you want just the front doors, hood or hatch.

Our hood and hatch prop standard length is approximately 18" tall and is available in a 7" longer version for an additional $15 which is selectable in either the "Select Hood Props" or "Select Hatch Props" options tab.

Car Show Props are available for the following models:

Car Show Door, Hood and Hatch Props for 1997-2004 Corvette's.
Car Show Door Props for 2005 and up Corvette's.

We strongly recommend that prior to prep and paint that you install your door props and do a test fitment first.

We love to do custom work. If you have an idea then let us help bring it to life. Send your idea's and pic's to Ken at