Air Intake Covers
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Air Intake Covers

Price: $114.99
  • Item #: 3g-aic-00526
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Have you always wanted an Air Intake Cover, but didn’t want to lose or take off your Right-Side Cover? No worries, we gotcha!

Our Air Intake Cover is designed to ONLY work with our Right-Side Cover and is NOT a stand-alone air lid cover. We suggest LMI intakes if you are looking for a stand-alone cover. This is simply a version that attaches directly to our Right-Side and the OEM mount. Before the two products could not co-exist, with our Air Intake Cover, you can now finally complete the look of your engine bay.

Machined from 0.080” Aluminum, sanded and finished with our custom brushed aluminum finish. Our Air Intake Covers can be painted, hydro dipped, powder coated, wrapped, polished or even left with the brushed aluminum that it arrives with.

Kit includes hardware for OEM mount, and hardware to attach the cover to a current 3gCustomz Right-Side Cover. You will have to mark and drill (2) 10/24 holes into your Right-Side Cover to install.

Air Intake Covers are shipped with no cut-outs.